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Some of our members of staff at Free Online Games for PC are no strangers when it comes to the world of eBay purchasing. For gamers, it can be a treasure for the unique and rare. There are thousands of eBay PC games for sale some free with postage only, and others at a cost with free postage. Suppose the question is, is eBay a safe platform to get your games from?

What this article on eBay looks to explore are all the questions that come about from using their service. How does eBay work, how does buying work? And so on.

Let’s begin…

What is eBay?

If you have been living under a rock since the mid-90s then welcome to the world of eBay. This is an online auctioning site for new and second-hand goods. As the saying goes, one man’s crap is another man’s treasure. People from all over the world will congregate at the site to purchase anything that has been crafted by the hand of man and machine, from art supplies to zoo cages, there is nothing that has not and cannot be sold on this market space, with the exception of things that can kill like real guns and bombs.

One thing you are guaranteed to find is a selection of old and new PC games. You have the search bar to type anything into or you can shop by category. Which, by the way, games are actually found under Other Categories > Video Games & Consoles.

Buying PC Games from eBay

Buying online is simple. The eBay games for PC are widely stocked from sellers locally here in Spain and from all over the world. First, you must have an eBay account, this can be synced to any major payment service i.e., Visa or MasterCard, or for quicker one-touch pay, you can use PayPal.

Currently, there are over 22,000 PC games. If you type in anything into the search, for example, PC Games, you will see the list you can purchase. Right now, there is Batman Arkham Collection. The cost is in dollars (something that can be adjusted in settings along with locations of items). The postage of this game is free, and the location from where it sells.

Click into the game information, and it will reveal your options to Buy It Now or Add to Cart. You can also Add to Wishlist to purchase at a later date. You are also shown the number of people watching the item, the return dates (if you wish to return the item) and how many had been sold previously by the seller. If there is a game that’s up for auction, you will see a Place Bid option.

Selling PC Games on eBay

If you wish to sell PC games eBay makes this a fairly straightforward process. From your eBay account, you will have the option to sell. Select the tab List An Item. Then you go through the pre-set options to build up your Item, choosing the category, writing the description, and setting the auction or pricing. Unfortunately, given the commission eBay takes, nothing can ever be sold 100% free. Getting or selling free games eBay requires either the postage comes with a cost or the item comes with a cost.

The Benefits of Using the eBay Service

The benefits are abundant, and the number of eBay online games available is unlike any other selling market on the worldwide web.

  • Instant Trust can be gained as seller and purchaser will score each other.
  • Auctioning is both a great way to make a saving or profit if a seller. Plus, the process is highly compelling when the clock is counting down.
  • Great search engine optimisation that will help you to find exactly what you want.
  • Low fees for sellers, which typically come in at about 10%.
  • Shipping comes with great savings, which can be as good as 52%.
  • Big market makes for more choices and more possibilities.
  • Insured payments.
  • For gamers, eBay can be a hub for finding rare and old titles. Alternatively, it makes for a great place to sell any rarities that might be of interest to other gamers, even PC equipment.

The Cons of eBay and Gaming

What are the cons when it comes to eBay games online for PC?

  • Fraud and scammers. Though rare, it is never 100% safe, which is why the insurance offered is a huge perk for market users.
  • Difficult customers, because not everyone is an angel, and buyers can be a pain in the backside.
  • Lost packages can happen, it is just the way of the world.
  • Gaming descriptions may be incomplete or inaccurate.

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